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Birthdate:Nov 3
My lungs are black & my mind is gone.

A lot of my shit is friends only/private.

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aldous huxley, alter egos, bambi.&, baudelaire, bauhaus, bell hooks, cigarettes, coke moss, collide, courtney love lyrics, crg, culture jamming, curve, darkness, death, deathcamp project, die so fluid, druggies, drugs, edgar allan poe, edward gorey, existentialism, females, feminism, girl fronted bands, hunter s. thompson,, irvine welsh, janis joplin, jimi hendrix, joy division, kate.moss-isms, ken kesey, klute, led zeppelin, metal, misanthropy,, my dealer, my imperfections, my tattoos, nahui olin, nihilism, otep, reading, requiem for a dream, scarlets remains, sex, sitting.on.the.curb.smoking, spun, stevie nicks, surfing, sylvia plath, tanquray, thank god i'm gay, the birthday massacre, the pixies, the.misfits.from.jem, things.that.slither, trainspotting, tripsss, underground hip hop, ursula rucker, vampire the masquerade, vilaine filles, waves,, william s burroughs
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